What Do You Want to Do With Your Life? By Jitendra Kumar Sharma

What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?

By Jitendra Kumar Sharma

What Do You Want to Do With Your Life?

First of all be thankful. Thankful for what and thankful to whom?

Thankful to your own self that you are able to ask this question!

Not everyone born on this earth has the self-awareness to ask such questions.

And thankful to the unknown Greater Self from whom your little, aware self derives its life and force, curiosity and capacity to seek answers about life’s questions!

Before you answer this question, please realize that you are a unique being. Like all living beings and all non-living things, you are unique. In fact, even products uniformly produced by machines in factories are individually unique.

This means the life you are going to lead in Sansar or Time-world too shall be unique.

And the answer about your life will also have to be given uniquely by the unique you.

This does not mean the hints and guesses you receive from writings like the one you are reading now are useless.

We are not an island to ourselves and we exist in a world where the other is an ever present reality. You may hate the other, love the other, or be indifferent to the other.

The choice is yours, whether you make it yourself or someone else–parents, teachers, friends- make the choice for you.

In actual experience, the choice shall be your own and you alone shall face the consequence of your or others’ choice/s made for you.

Whether you seek someone else’s advice or answer the above question yourself, you alone shall feel and perceive and know what and how much  you were able to make of your life at any given point in your life.

That is why the first thing to learn is that not knowledge gathered from others or books or other sources will ever give you the right answer to the above and other questions about  life.

It is not knowledge but experience that imparts and enhances meaning to life.

The answer to the above question then is that the mystery of life is to be experienced, not to be explained.

Therefore, make your conscious choices and live your life fully and you will learn what you will make and have made of your life.

This is how I am currently living my life most joyfully amidst ups and downs of life.

–Jitendra Kumar Sharma

==The End==


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