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What happened to Sushma Swaraj’s Stratagem to supplant Modi? By Jitendra Kumar Sharma*

Sushma, before renouncing elective politics, mustered courage and cunningly annoyed Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. She contrived to amend the rule that required a woman to produce a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from her husband for getting a passport to travel abroad. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had been denying NOC to Jashodabehn, his deserted wife. Jashodabehn was hapless and could do nothing against the Ministry of External bureaucrats who had rejected her passport application for this reason alone. Sushma amended the rule and Jashodabehn is now free to apply and get her passport without her husband, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s NOC. This ‘act of courage’ shall keep her distinctly in focus if and when the time to replace Modi does arrive. She will be in the race for the top post without her even trying!