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The image was taken probably in 1965 or 66 by William Glenesk. It has never been published.  “Image © 2017, The Estate of Marshall McLuhan’’ thankfully received as a special favor from Michael McLuhan, Marshall McLuhan’s son and the Executor of Marshall McLuhan Estate, Canada.


http://www.agrawalmaharajamcluhan.com, a cultural and educational website owned and operated by Professor JITENDRA KUMAR SHARMA, M.A. [U of T], Ph.D. [University Toronto, Canada] & Professor Usha Sharma, M.Sc. Ph.D.[Patna University] aims at promoting the “One Brick, One Coin” Social-Political-Economic Philosophy of Maharaja Agrasen of Agroha, Haryana, India and Communication Theories of the Philosopher of the Electronic Age, Canadian Icon Herbert Marshall McLuhan for understanding interaction between Culture and Technology and contributing ideas and insights toward creating a giving society and more harmonious world.

Proceeds from this website will be used to establish a Maharaja Agrasen & Marshall McLuhan Trust. Hopefully, thinkers, teachers, students, others will find in http://www.agrawalmaharajamcluhan.com a forum for exchange of knowledge and experience for mutual benefits and for opening new doors of perception & Politicians, Bureaucrats, Businessmen will seek inspiration and learn from Maharaja Agrasen of Agroha how to build a democratic, giving and enterprising Society and State through Interaction between Culture & Technology as envisaged by Marshall McLuhan

“Politics will eventually be replaced by imagery. The Politician will be only too happy to abdicate in favor of his image, because the image will be much more powerful than he could ever be” says McLuhan

Indian Politicians are using television as if Politicians were products. Indian Politician does not know that Politics is not a product but a process and a process cannot be projected on TV screen like a product.

-Read Dr. Jitendra Kumar Sharma’s article “Image and the Box” [First published in the Hindustan Times] for what is a Political image and how the Politicians ought to use television advertisement for creating an effective image.

The medium is the message” Because All Technologies are ‘ The Extensions of Man’ and “First we build the tools, then they build us’.

Marshall Mcluhan